Motivation for International Business

A small firm may be able to produce a product or service at costs lower than those products abroad. This does not mean, however, that there is a local market willing and ready to absorb the firm’s output.

Even if there is a local market, the demand may be too limited. If any of the above happens, the firm may have no choice but go International through exporting.

There are times when a small business operator becomes aware of a local demand which cannot be satisfied by any local firm. The small business operator may attempt to close the demand and supply gap by importing these goods or services abroad and selling them locally.


– The company is all about rendering services and selling goods. but the company lose the demand that they wanted to achieve. So the company think of a strategy on what solution they can do to gain  demand, they thought of importing their products internationally and sell it locally which was successful.


This business is a business to business e-commerce because this business prioritizes their products to be sold to other businesses internationally even though it will be sold locally.

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